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"Imposter Syndrome"

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About Moonlight Social

Two best friends making good ol' fashioned pop rock in the heart of Nashville. Sounds like if Fleetwood Mac were Millennial kids raised on a steady diet of 90s music and sarcasm. 

Comprised of best friends Jennica Scott and Jeremy Burchard, Moonlight Social formed after the pair met in the marching band at the University of Texas at Austin.


Quotes from our favorite people — you

Right mood, right lyrics, right music. Just a lovely song! Already a fan ♥️

A fan in India

A friend sent it to me when I was sad one night and couldn´t sleep, and since then it is one of my favorite songs of all times because I could relate to it so much, and it made me happy when I needed it the most.

A fan in Sweden

Innovative always on top of the latest sounds a force to be reckoned with


Moonlight Social themselves are so talented, but they’re both individually so kind and caring and always reach out to their fans. ❤️❤️❤️

Woodstock, NY

Awesome this is exactly what I’ve needed with the last few weeks I’ve been going through :)

A fan in Alabama

I love the song. It sounds amazing and I can very much relate to it. More people should listen to it.

A fan in Asia

A touch of modern meets a touch of classic. You wont find a better band that walks the bridge of old school and new school better than moonlight social.


They do a killer version of Poison Wine by the Civil Wars. With masks on !


Found Moonlight Social through twitch almost a year ago, became a fan almost instantly and now they almost feel like family. Rock on Jeremy and Jennica <3

Wales, UK

A few years back NoiseTrade (aka Paste Magazine) turned me on to Moonlight Social with their Make You Smile EP ... and it did! Jennica and Jeremy are two creative humans who should be on everyone's people-to-follow list.

Appreciative in Denver, Colorado

After another day watching the news and feeling depressed because the world as I thought I knew it seems to be coming apart, I found this song and was able to genuinely smile before going to bed.😃😄😎😴

A fan on YouTube

This is exactly what I needed today.

A fan in New York

Good 2 human souls that not only make great music but make you smile aswell. PS : they have the bestest spoon train to win win situation :)

The Hague Holland

Moonlight Social is like a great friend that’s always there for you and knows what to say to make you feel better :) It’s not just music - it’s a feeling of being understood and that you’re not alone 💜


They're totally real and they speak to the problems of our time. Best song for me? #youdontreallyknowme!


A band with a monopoly on the sound that makes your hairs stand on end. So good.

United States

That was f***ing awesome. You guys rock.

A fan in the U.K.

Intelligent lyrics and memorable tunes from performers who go beyond pure feel-good pop to produce songs that are challenging, but at the same time, inspiring and uplifting.


Seeing Moonlight Social live is a great way to tell if you are alive - if you don't love them you are probably dead inside.


A joyful, danceable blast of a band.


Just discoverd them. I already love it. Pure love and energy.

Germany, Berlin

Anytime I need a pick me up, I know I can find it in one of their songs!

A Fan In Minnesota

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