Who The F#*% Are Moonlight Social?

We like you. And seeing as you're here, there's a pretty good chance you like us too. But how can you know for sure? Let us take you on a little journey, sending you exclusive free music and a surprise along the way. Who knows, we might just be your next favorite band! There's only one way to find out...

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3 Things About Moonlight Social

1. We're best friends. We met in the marching band at The University of Texas at Austin — Jeremy played the tenor drums in the drum line and Jennica played trumpet. We eventually moved to Nashville to make music. 

Icons made by Eucalyp from www.flaticon.com

2. We're an Alternative band. What that really means is our music doesn't fit in one box. Wikipedia says our "music has been described as a combination of adult alternative, pop, progressive country, and rock," and when has Wikipedia ever lied to you?

3. We're independent. But that doesn't mean we're alone. Our fans support us and give us the energy to keep going when the going gets tough. Sure, we've had some fancy people say pretty things about us, but the thing we care about most is connecting with YOU.

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