We’re Moonlight Social, and we write/produce/record pop rock from a house in Nashville. We kind of sound like if Fleetwood Mac were millennial kids raised on a steady diet of pop punk and sarcasm. We’ve been best friends since we met in the marching band in college and we hope our music feels kind of like that: a conversation with your closest friends. Fun, silly, earnest, sarcastic, serious, honest — and above all, real

So here's the deal: listen to some of our new stuff below (if you don't have Spotify, you can also choose to watch a music video or two — we film and edit those ourselves, too!). If you like it, give us your info below and we'll send you free merch in the mail! But only fill this out if you genuinely dig the tunes, please! We want this to be a mutual thing, ya know?? Plus every package we send costs us at least like $4 worth of postage so REAL ONES ONLY!

Hear Some New Tunes Below!

Don't Have Spotify? Watch A Few Of Our Music Videos!

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